Orthodox dating someone who isnt orthodox

“In fact, the opposition to coerced marriages was prevalent in Abraham's family even before Judaism.In the Torah's account of Isaac’s marriage (Genesis 24), when Abraham’s servant Eliezer proposes to take Rebecca back to Canaan to marry Isaac, he is told by Rebecca’s family (Abraham’s cousins, who were not into his new religion): Let us ask the maiden.’ From here the Sages derive that no one may be married against their choice.So, as I turned 18, the phones started ringing with suggestions.If a suggestion sounded promising, my parents went ahead and made many inquiries.We wanted to know about his character traits, is he kind hearted? For the first few months none of the suggestions panned out.

As a matter of a fact, many thoroughly modern Jewish singles have discovered that the random roll-the-dice approach isn't finding them a mate, and have returned to the traditional model.” The Gopins don’t know of any local matchmakers.

Therefore becoming Orthodox is not as simple as saying, "I've decided to be an Orthodox Christian." When one is curious about the Orthodox faith one is refered to as an inquirer. Seeing if you "fit" together, see if you understand and can believe what the church teaches.

There is no commitment from the inquirer to the church at this point. Below is some basic information many inquirers find helpful.

“The peace, love and physical affection between a husband and wife are very dear in God’s eyes.

It is a big mitzvah for anyone who is involved in helping two young people build a solid Jewish home.” It must be noted that an “arranged” marriage doesn’t mean “coerced,” says Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe of Congregation Agudas Achim in West Hartford.

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In the non Jewish world, ours is what you would call an arranged marriage.

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